Thanksgiving is more than extra servings of stuffing and mashed potatoes, multiple Thursday football games, and the occasional heated, yet friendly, debate with a family member. It is a time to be thankful, and at Graystone Properties, we have a lot to be thankful for.

We are thankful for our tenants. Our properties are home to a very diverse range of business types, such as nail spas, animal veterinary hospitals, financial advisors and restaurant options. This diverse group keeps us on our toes as we continue to fulfill their needs. Every day is a new adventure and we are thankful for that. Day in, day out, we are working for the complete satisfaction of our tenants.

We are thankful for our vendors. Without them, we could not have happy tenants. Furthermore, the insight they bring to the table after each job is invaluable. From repairing large parking lots to finding ways to be more energy efficient, our vendors have our best interests in mind.

We are thankful for our families. We are a family run business and that means our work and personal lives blend together sometimes. Real estate can have the strangest hours, from early morning coffee meetings, to exterior light inspections at night, and a plethora of different networking events. From understanding and tagging along at events, we are thankful for them every day.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we wish all of our readers, vendors and tenants a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Posted by: Trevor on November 21, 2017
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