Who we are as a company has been carved, sculpted and polished over our 20 year existence as Graystone Properties. Our mission is to pursue investments and create management that results in successful business ventures, quality community living environments, and thriving commercial properties. In short, who we are is what we do and how we do it. We are committed to our value-add strategy and creating a management style that best benefits our customers.

Our History & Today

Graystone Properties started out with just one mobile home park and one apartment complex in 1997. Dave Rush, president and founder of Graystone, spent long hours on-site wearing many hats. His CPA and construction background allowed him to act as the founder and president, accountant, leasing agent, maintenance person, customer relations, marketing manager and more. Through his hard work, he transformed rental properties to communities where his residents were proud to call home. Value was added by creating outdoor areas for the customers to gather as well as improving construction quality over time. And it worked! Over the years, the company grew and acquired additional properties, focusing on apartment communities. As the growth evolved, so did Graystone’s focus. So in 2015, Graystone Properties divested the mobile home communities and developed the commercial real estate. Currently, at the start of 2017, we are proud of our portfolio that now includes the commercial side, where we own and manage Lakehurst Plaza, Esperanza, Westbrook Plaza, Summit Pointe Plaza, and Kelley Pointe and the Hartford Apartments representing the residential side. Our property map spans from the southern tip of Oklahoma City limits to Edmond, Oklahoma.

What We Do

We aren’t just a real estate holding company. Sure, we acquire properties, collect rent, and manage those properties with the occasional selling of a property, but we believe we do more. We bring a human element to an industry that can be cold. We take properties that need some work and develop their potential, whether that be exterior or interior design or management of the property. After creating value to our acquired property, we ensure tenant satisfaction by being timely and efficient with maintenance requests. This has improved recently with the addition of a tenant online portal provided by Appfolio, where our tenants can log in to their account and create work orders and attach photos.

Going The Extra Mile

We go even further than just saying we are a value-add investment company. Value-add doesn’t reflect the bonds we make with our customers, the time we put in to quickly fix maintenance issues or the marketing promotions we run that benefit the new and, more importantly, existing customers we have. Our residential and commercial tenants are people, and that’s forgotten by companies looking at their bottom line. Our residential property clients, after a long day of work, come to our apartments and call that “home.” When you know that your customers come to your property and are happy with the value you provide, you can’t beat that feeling. That feeling is what we chase every day. We fully believe in our product and method.

Who we are is what we do and how we do it. We acknowledge the business of real estate investment; our main focus is the people within our properties.


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